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Kashoggi Assassination Update 10/19/2018

Who is Jamal Khashoggi? Royal court confidant and prominent Saudi journalist turned reluctant dissident

WASHINGTON – Hours before his disappearance, Jamal Khashoggi publicly lamented vanishing freedoms across the Arab world and said he worried Saudi Arabia’s leaders were going to give his home country “a bad name” with some of their foreign policy decisions.

Little did Khashoggi know just how tarnished the Saudi royal family’s reputation would become. Or that he would, in absentia, be at the center of an international diplomatic standoff that has highlighted the alleged brutal tactics he had so firmly condemned.

Khashoggi ‘kill squad’ member dies in ‘suspicious’ road accident

Kashoggi killing hangs heavily over a $2 trillion deal that the London Stock Exchange is hoping to close

Did the Khashoggi affair spring from a coup attempt against the Saudi crown prince?

Khashoggi case: Vile murder, palace intrigue against crown prince or plot to torpedo US-Saudi ties?

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