The Jerusalem Report – 09/01/2017 – Trump’s Afghanistan Mistake

President Trump made a decision about Afghanistan that is 180 degrees from his campaign promise. Find out why and who influenced him. 

Military and economic factors are becoming blurred in our time. How does that affect the global economy?

The central banks are preparing for negative interest rates. Do you know how that will affect your life?

What does the Sabbath have to do with economic factors during the Great Tribulation?


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Kimberly Rogers-Brown

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The old western New World Order military complex and seasoned New World Order politicians are creating a world that will be more unstable than before. President Donald Trump is making bad decisions, reneging on campaign promises and putting America in danger. The Afghanistan war theater and U.S. relations with Russia are connected.

Connections are the key to success in Washington. Today, I’ll tell you about one of Trump’s worst connections that reveal the character of Donald Trump and the people with whom he surrounds himself. It will tell us the direction Trump is taking America.

One of the very worst of Trump’s associates is Roger Stone. Publicly, Stone has denounced Trump’s Afghanistan escalation, but we will find out that Stone says whatever is expedient and plays both sides of the game. This particular man, and his relationship to Donald Trump, will reveal just how big an insider Trump is within the old western New World Order globalist’s club.

Roger Stone, who epitomizes the corruption and deceit of the old guard, the old western New World Order, is a famous American political consultant, lobbyist, and strategist who has been prominent in Donald Trump’s life for a very long time. They been friends for many years, although sometimes they both try to put on the appearance of being at odds.

One such example is when Donald Trump called Stone a “stone-cold loser” in a 2008 interview. But in 2015, Trump praised Stone during an appearance in December 2015 on Alex Jones’ radio show, a show that was orchestrated by Stone. “Roger’s a good guy,” Trump said. “He’s been so loyal and so wonderful.” In April 2016, Stone became a trusted advisor and media handler for Trump throughout the campaign.

Stone’s cohorts-in-crime are Paul Manafort, Charles Black, Jr. and Peter Kelly, founders of Black, Manafort, Stone and Kelly in 1984. Does this man, Paul Manafort, and this organization’s name sound familiar to you? It should. Paul Manafort was Trump’s campaign manager and is involved in the Russian election scandal. While Roger Stone was manipulating Trump’s campaign behind the scenes, Manafort was leading the campaign. Trump was surrounded by Washington insiders through his entire campaign just as he is now in office.

Black, Manafort, Stone and Kelly, BMSK, have been in the New World Order political business for decades. Why would Donald Trump claim to be a Washington outsider when one of the most famous and notorious lobbying firms ran his campaign? It was designed to fool the American public and get him elected.

Here is a short history of the down and dirty on BMSK. BMSK is a lobbying firm for clients that include U.S. corporations, trade associations, and even foreign governments since 1980, but these men’s political histories go way back. By 1990, they were one of the leading lobbyists in Washington.

Rogers Stone’s political history began in childhood where he learned to be what the media refers to him as variously as, a “political dirty trickster,” a “renowned infighter,” a “seasoned practitioner of hard-edged politics” and a “veteran Republican strategist”. He is known for promoting falsehoods and conspiracy theories and has even been the subject of a Netflix documentary film, titled “Get Me Roger Stone”.

Stone began his political career during John F. Kennedy’s presidential campaign at 8 years of age. He says he remembers going through the cafeteria line and telling every kid that Nixon was in favor of school on Saturdays. He called it his “first political trick”.

He was the school’s vice president in his Junior year, but he wanted to be President so he manipulated the ouster of the school president and finished his Junior year as President. He then ran for President in his senior year and won because he recruited a schoolmate, which he regarded as a loser, to run against him.

Stone has stated that he is proud of how he ran for election as president by building alliances and putting all his serious challengers on his own ticket, then recruiting the most unpopular guy in the school to run against him. Stone asks, “You think that’s mean? No, it’s smart.”

Rogers Stone’s political career skyrocketed as the man behind scenes. After lying about Nixon in the cafeteria line in 1960, Stone went to work with the Nixon administration in the Office of Economic Opportunity. After Nixon resigned, Stone went to work for Bob Dole, but was later fired after columnist Jack Anderson publicly identified Stone as a Nixon ‘dirty trickster.’

In 1976, Stone worked in Ronald Reagan’s campaign and in 1977 became national chairman of the Young Republicans. He founded BMSK in 1980 and began manipulating Washington insiders. In other words, Stone is an insider’s insider. And he’s the one mover and shaker Donald Trump wanted behind the campaign’s scenes.

Stone’s job with Donald Trump was to present Trump as an outsider which he did easily because Trump was never in politics and Trump’s ruthlessness in business was a snap to cover up. It was Roger Stone who marketed Trump as a savvy and honest business man and not a politician. For the deluded and duped American public who have been trained to believe one can make billions without playing in the muddy waters of the New World Order, this is all it took to snooker them into electing Trump for President. But make no mistake: Roger Stone is not a friend of Donald Trump’s because Trump is a New World Order outsider. Precisely the opposite is true! Trump and Stone are buddies because they are both insiders and know each other.

Stone served as an advisor to the 2016 Donald Trump presidential campaign after leaving in August 2015 amid controversy. Stone claimed he quit while Trump claimed Stone was fired. But Stone was not gone. He continued working behind the scenes, out of the public eye, to give Trump the appearance of a true outsider in American politics.

Senator Ted Cruz told Shawn Hannity that Stone engineered the smear campaign that ousted him from the Presidential race. Cruz said, “He is pulling the strings on Donald Trump. He planned the Trump campaign, and he is Trump’s henchman and dirty trickster. Donald keeps associating himself with people who encourage violence.”

Stone is a dirty trickster and a violent man. This is the man behind Trump’s election success. The press leans on liberal George Soros, who is the Democrats’ favorite dirty trickster and protest creator and funder, but Roger Stone is Soros’s equivalent on the Republican side and he works for Donald Trump.

In April 2016, Stone formed a pro-Trump activist group, ‘Stop the Steal’, and threatened “Days of Rage” if Republican party leaders tried to deny the nomination to Trump at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. The Washington Post reported that Stone organized [Trump] supporters as “a force of intimidation,” noting that Stone “has … threatened to publicly disclose the hotel room numbers of delegates who work against Trump.”

The point is that Donald Trump, Roger Stone, Paul Manafort and other New World Order operatives go way back. They are very old friends who set Trump up as a ‘shill’ to trick the American public into electing him. Russian President Vladimir Putin says he doesn’t trust President Donald Trump. Is it any wonder that relations with Russia continue to slide? Is it any wonder that Congress does not trust Trump? They have all been manipulated by Roger Stone and BMSK. Even America’s allies trust Putin more than Trump.

This is very important for last week’s Afghanistan war escalation because President Donald Trump is a very different man from candidate Donald Trump. His relationships with the western New World Order insiders prove that he is, himself, a western New World Order insider. He is a ruthless, violent liar worse than Barack Obama. Trump’s ancient counterpart, Persian King Cyrus, was worse than Babylon’s King Nebuchaddnezzar. Since Obama was a type of Nebuchaddnezzar in the end of days, we can expect his successor, Donald Trump, to be a type of King Cyrus who was much more ruthless than Nebuchaddnezzar.

Trump’s allegiance to the ideals of the New World Order play heavily in his relationship with Russia. Under Obama, a split happened that continues to widen under Trump even though he has been pandering to President Vladimir Putin, even handing Syria over to the Russians, a situation that endangers all of America’s allies in the Middle East starting with Israel and Jordan.

In Trump’s effort to prevent the Russians from getting all the Middle East goodies, Trump is making a show of force against the Taliban in Afghanistan because they are no longer American players – they have switched sides and are now being courted, funded and armed by Russia.

The Afghanistan proxy war between the US and Russia has a history and is now tied to Trump’s motivation for escalating the conflict there. The US lost control over Iran during Iran’s Islamic revolution when the Shah was deposed in 1979. The Iranians took Americans hostage.

Russia saw an opportunity to gain control of the Middle East politically and economically, and by extension, the United States and the West whose interest in the region was primarily for oil and natural gas. In December 1979, Soviet Premier Leonid Brezhnev sent the Red Army pouring into Afghanistan, but the Soviets were never fully able to gain control over the countryside. Pockets of resistance continued despite all attempts to stamp them out.

The United States began training Afghan jihadists, known as ‘Mujahadin’, when President Carter allocated $30 million for the Afghan resistance. In 1985, Congress earmarked $250 million for Afghanistan, while Saudi Arabia contributed an equal amount. Two years later, with Saudi Arabia still reportedly matching contributions, annual American aid to the mujahidin reportedly reached $630 million. In 1986, the Mujahadin became the first recipients of American-made weapons when President Regan decided to supply Stinger anti-aircraft missiles to the mujahidin, thereby breaking the embargo on “Made-in-America” arms. In other words, the United States started the arms race in the Middle East and has been the pot-stirrer ever since.

Out of the Mujahadin came Osama Bin-Laden and the Taliban.

This was the set up for the coming split in the western New World Order that occurred during the Obama administration. The split in the global New World Order under Obama was the next step in the coming King of the North war spoken of in Daniel 11:40.

President Trump’s lie to the American people is that he is trying to reverse the policies and damage done during previous administrations by increasing United States presence in Afghanistan again. The real reason Trump is escalating the proxy war in Afghanistan is because Russia recently re-entered that theater having been absent since 1989 and Russia has become Trump’s biggest foreign policy problem.

Trump is angering Russia in Syria and in Afghanistan. The Soviet–Afghan War lasted over nine years, from December 1979 to February 1989. It was the US-created Taliban, then known as the Mujahadin, that kicked Russia’s butt so badly they pulled out and went back to the Russian steppes. Now, the jihadists that the United States created are Russia’s friends and America’s enemies.

Trump’s Afghanistan plan is making matters worse between the two New World Orders. Pakistan is livid about the U.S. troop escalation.

According to the Washington Post, “a wave of anti-American anger has swept Pakistan this past week, triggered both by President Trump’s threat to punish the country for harboring insurgents and by his invitation to India, Pakistan’s longtime rival, to become more involved in Afghanistan’s future”.

Note that Pakistan is a nuclear armed nation.

Afghan officials welcomed Trump’s message, but Pakistanis accused him of “bullying” their country despite its history of cooperating with the United States in foreign conflicts. They said he had betrayed them by reaching out to India, which Pakistan views as a persistent threat to its existence.

Tribal and religious leaders have held protests at border crossings, and banners urging “Say no to America!” have appeared across the capital. Officials have canceled trips to Washington and asked a State Department official to postpone her planned visit there this week. Across the country’s fractious political spectrum, leaders have raised a collective fist at Trump.

In a stern speech Aug. 21, Trump laid out a new militarized policy for the region, saying he would send more American troops to Afghanistan and insisting that Pakistan must “do more” to rein in Islamist militants or face possible sanctions, such as cutting aid or revoking its status as a major non-NATO ally.

This is more than just a move of the chess pieces on the Middle East’s board. Trump is also pandering to India who has been leaning more toward Russia lately. Afghanistan is a convenient way to re-involve India – to try to get a handle of control on India – and to boost the egos of the Indian leaders. New World Order elites know how to use every bit of the animal they kill.

This new Middle East mess is as confusing as the Syrian chaos. Pakistanis believe Trump wants to portray them as a villain and a means to prevent Pakistan from continuing its quest into the new eastern New World Order. They believe Trump simply wants to destabilize Pakistan.

And destabilizing it is – destabilizing and chaotic in a world where no one knows who is a friend or foe. In tribal regions along the border, where U.S. drone strikes have killed hundreds of suspected militants and civilians, one crowd of tribesmen chanted, “Long live Pakistan.” In another spot, religious activists held up placards saying, “India, America and Afghanistan are conspiring against Pakistan.”

Pakistan’s National Security Committee, which comprises top military and civilian officials, sharply rejected Trump’s charges of sheltering insurgents and demanded that the U.S. military “eliminate sanctuaries for terrorists” on the Afghan side. “The Afghan war cannot be fought in Pakistan,” the group declared.

“Trump’s threats are real… Madness on our doorstep has already arrived,” said commentator Syed Talat Hussain writing for the News International. He suggested that if Trump, “an ignoramus addicted to creating sensation,” ordered a drone strike in Pakistani territory — as opposed to the border tribal areas — it could “get us embroiled in a war with the U.S. This is deadly serious business.”

Syed understands that all that has been done is to relocate the Middle East conflict from Syria to Afghanistan. In fact, the Huffington Post gets it, too. In an article titled, “Trump’s Warning To Islamabad Has Formalised The China-Pakistan-Russia Axis”, Kunwar Khuldune Shahid, a Pakistan-based journalist, said, “With both Beijing and Moscow coming out in Islamabad’s defence almost immediately, the China-Russia-Pakistan axis has been formally inaugurated, with the US and India allying in Afghanistan”.

“What the Trump regime has done to chastise Islamabad over Afghanistan echoes the Indian stance in the region, specifically targeting Pakistan’s “jugular vein”. This formation of hard alliances is a return to 20th century diplomacy and the rigid rulebook that defined bilateral relations, and which caused wars of all kinds”.

“By inviting India to be more active in Afghanistan,” writes Mosharraf Zaidi, a foreign policy analyst in Islamabad, “Trump has confirmed the worst fears of Pakistan’s generals: that America is in cahoots with India against Pakistan.”

In other words, Trump’s foreign policy is right out of the old Western New World Order playbook that Roger Stone portrays so well, the “trick ‘em and trump ‘em” policy (pun intended). Trump may have been trying to force the eastern axis – the new eastern New World Order – back into the West’s arms by this show of force, but his Afghanistan move has had the opposite effect.

Moscow drawing closer to Islamabad, at least militarily, naturally overlapped with US angst vis-à-vis Pakistan. It started with Russia lifting its self-imposed arms embargo on Pakistan in November 2014, followed by a landmark “military cooperation” agreement that culminated in the first ever joint military drill between the two countries last year.

In the meantime, Pakistan will be importing Mi-35 combat helicopters in addition to the Russian Klimov RD-93 engines for its JF-17 multi-role fighters. Moscow and Islamabad have also signed a deal for the construction of the North-South gas pipeline from Karachi to Lahore, to cater to the ever growing energy needs in Pakistan’s most populous province.

This week, Russia delivered those Mi-35 combat helicopters. This delivery is the America-brokered $153 million U.S. deal between Russia and Pakistan in August 2015 which included training, spare parts and ground support equipment. Just in time for big fight!

“With the US involved in direct confrontation in Ukraine and the South China Sea, as on-ground samples of its longstanding rivalries with Russia and China, the formalisation of coalitions means the respective alliances could henceforth be backing territorial disputes and regional crises as single units, drawn against one another and overlapping with the security and economic cooperation between the groups.”

Direct confrontations are coming in the cold wars with Russia and China and the Pentagon, the military industrial complex that now rules the day.

What made Trump change his mind about campaign promises to get U.S. troops out of the Middle East instead of just moving them around like chess pieces? His generals persuaded him it was in his interest and the U.S. national interest for him to change his position and adopt their ideals and strategy.

According to reports, the generals presented the president with four options: Total withdrawal; Use of private contractors; A surge of troops between 4,000-5,000; Or continued presence of U.S. troops in Afghanistan in a training-and-advising capacity, while working with Pakistan and India to bring about a longer-lasting political-military solution.

The upshot of President Trump’s decision is that he now owns the war in Afghanistan; it’s neither President George W. Bush’s post-9/11 war, nor President Barack Obama’s post-surge of American troops to Afghanistan war.

In other words, President Donald Trump just became the epitome of the ancient Persian King Cyrus who was at war until the day he died.

Trump’s old friend, Roger Stone, weighed in on the Steve Bannon termination, saying that Steve Bannon and his ilk made a mistake by not using more of their “political capital” on staffing choices, leaving them isolated when their mercurial boss had a change of mood. You will remember that Bannon was the voice of reason regarding the Afghanistan escalation.

The one thing that makes President Donald Trump so dangerous is that he is a money man, not a military man, but his administration has been faced with military conditions and situations since he took office while the U.S. and global economies have simply been neglected. He has no experience in the military arena, so he turned to the experts for help just like he did in his campaign. Trump’s inclination to outsource responsibility to the generals may result in degradation of diplomatic and economic dimensions.

In a military industrial complex, like the kind Eisenhower warned us about, more war is better. They say it is even better for the economy (which satisfies the ‘money man’s’ perspective) and helps to maintain the western New World Order’s grip on its global dominance.

But there are consequences coming to the global economy as nations’ militaries become their economic barometers.


Economic forecaster, Martin Armstrong, believes war with North Korea could happen in September 2017. Armstrong, who has accurately predicted global crisis scenarios since the 1970’s, said, “Our models seem to be right on target for the escalation of military threats from North Korea. We gave our two targets for the opening of this window, for a conflict on our war model with North Korea, to watch for were August 12/13, 2017 and September 11/12, 2017. We must be on guard for this is the prime period where a confrontation could emerge. …We expect tensions to rise into the next target September 11/12th”.

“Armstrong’s cyclical war model forecasts echo a similar sentiment from Brandon Smith of, who himself has been quite accurate with his predictions about everything from political election results to Federal Reserve policy decisions. In a recent analysis, while everyone was ignoring the continuing North Korean threat, Smith warned that conflict seems inevitable”, although he did not put a time frame on his forecast.

However, North Korea came one step closer to a 2017 Pearl-Harbor-like event this week. One day after the latest North Korean missile launch, which was followed by a warning in the state-owned KCNA that more Pacific launches would follow. The U.S. Missile Defense Agency (MDA) said a U.S. Navy destroyer in the Pacific shot down a medium-range ballistic missile during a test off Hawaii on Wednesday.

And the war machine grinds on.

Why do economic forecasters lead the pack when it comes to war-watching? It is because the war machine is the driving force behind all global economics now. The war machine drives the U.S. economy, most certainly, but it is driving China, Russia, North Korea and Iran. War is like an elixir that creates a high so high that world leaders are simply addicted to it. War and money go together like the two hands on a human body. Economists and Generals play its game to gamble for power. Presidents use good war economies to distract and mesmerize citizens into believing all is well.

While President Trump has been wading in war waters, the U.S. economy has been neglected by him, but still seems to be faring rather well despite that fact. He tried and failed to reform Obamacare, but who cares when the stock market is now at new record highs, housing prices are rising and employment rates are lowering? Trump’s neglect of U.S. economics has gone unnoticed because his election bump has become a wave and the riders are riding it!

Is the U.S. economy really doing well? Twenty-two major retailers are closing stores across America. Hoffman Estates, Illinois-based retailer, said it will have closed 330 Sears and K-Mart locations by the end of the 2017 third quarter. Overall sales at brick and mortar stores declined 11.5% during the second quarter of 2017.

Some of the retailers shuttering stores are Abercrombie & Fitch, CVS Health and GNC, both Staples and Office Depot, J.C. Penney and American Apparel, Crocs and Payless Shoes. Payless is closing 400 stores, 10% of its global store footprint, but was considering closing as many as 1,000 locations. In a release on its website, Payless explained their bankruptcy was an effort to reorganize “in the face of the retail industry’s radical, unprecedented transformation.”

RadioShack is closing more stores and re-filing for bankruptcy after only two years of trying to compete with online giants like Amazon. Roughly 1,000 locations will remain open for now.

This trend is the inevitable outcome of the electronic and internet age. The internet has changed everything from how we communicate to where we get our news to how we shop. The loss of brick and mortar stores is due to falling foot traffic at shopping malls and the migration to e-commerce companies such as Sears is just one of several major retailers that are closing stores. Some of the retailers closing the most stores this year are not just downsizing but going out of business entirely. All but one of the five companies at the top of this list have filed for bankruptcy.

The global economy is its own train that world leaders like President Donald Trump are riding while claiming they are its engineer. Nothing could be further from the truth. This train is moving all on its own on a downward hill. The speed of its downward spiral is being touted as progress.

Whether the economy continues to grow may depend on how Trump and Congress navigate a series of thorny political issues in the next month that include measures to prevent a government shutdown and raise the nation’s borrowing limit.

Trump predicted during last year’s campaign that if elected president, he would boost growth to 4 percent or higher, an annual rate of expansion not seen since 2000. The increase so far this year is 3%. Economic growth could climb to 4% by year-end.

Trump wants to use tax reform to fuel further economic growth.

Wall Street firms have some predictions about Trump’s intended tax reform package and its intended economic impact. Axel Merk, president and chief investment officer of Merk Investments, a California-based firm, said, “Most likely we’ll get a minor tax cut and not a big tax reform and basically what that means is that real growth is not going to accelerate.”

Merk’s opinion about the market is that ‘treasuries are getting stronger’. He noted that the yield on 10-year U.S. treasuries has dropped, an indication the bond market does not expect dramatically higher economic growth that would need to be reined in by the Federal Reserve raising interest rates.

He predicts Democrats will vote along party lines against tax legislation and a good number of conservatives will vote with them because of deficit concerns.

He added, “There’s too much hope” in Washington that tax reform is going to get done.

Peter Schiff, CEO of Euro Pacific Capital, told TheStreet, “the stock market is a bubble and the economy is a disaster.”

The U.S. is tied to the global economy. It affects the global economy and the global economy affects it. It’s not just about Americans’ employment and American retailers and Americans’ consumer confidence anymore. Add Donald Trump as the leader of America being now considered the world’s biggest geo-political risk.

According to Peter Schiff, reporting on BlackRock portfolio manager Russ Koesterich, “‘The US is one of the primary sources of geopolitical concern in the world’.”

“We’re in this strange unfamiliar situation: for the most of the last five or six years the geopolitical risk was outside the US, and now it’s within the US.”

“Trump boosted concern about a debt ceiling standoff last week when he threatened to let the government shut down if Congress doesn’t come through with funding to build a wall along the US-Mexican border. Congress must put together a funding deal, and the president must sign it, by a Sept. 30 deadline. If Congress doesn’t get a deal done, or if the president vetoes it, the government will go into shutdown mode.”

The next largest global economy is China, and China is not doing all that well.

Tyler Durdan, of, reported on China’s failing service sector this week. “China’s non-manufacturing data just puked in the punchbowl, crashing to its weakest level since May 2016 (despite a modest uptick in manufacturing)”. 

China is not the only economy in trouble. Nineteen nations, mostly European, have negative interest yields.


One of the truly mind-boggling absurdities in modern finance has been the creation of ‘negative interest rates’ around the world. Starting in 2014, the European Central Bank (ECB) slashed its main interest rate to below zero. More central banks are set to slash rates to negative.

The ‘quantitative easing’ trick did not work so the central banks experimented with negative interest rates, mostly in European markets where the economy was the worst globally. In fact, negative interest rates is now the new globalist banking trick to manipulate the economy.

“Kenneth Rogoff, a professor at Harvard University and one of the world’s most prominent economists, said central banks across the globe must start preparing themselves to introduce negative interest rates during the next global recession.

Negative rates are already in place in several major economies around the world, with the European Central Bank, the Bank of Japan, but other banks around the world would be wise to make preparations, as well.

Until a couple of years ago, negative rates were largely seen as an academic experiment, likely to be seen in textbooks and economic research papers, but never actually in the real world. However, in the years since the global financial crisis, the idea gained prominence, and several central banks decided to take the plunge after 2014 in an attempt to boost weak economic growth by creating inflation.”

There it is! To control an economy in recession, they will create inflation. Inflationary prices look good in economic reports when no one is reporting on inflation in those reports. “Look!”, they will say, “consumers are spending more!”. And they will be right, except they won’t tell you that it is because they created inflationary prices through negative interest rates. This is a psychological game the New World Order economists will use to trick people into believing the money is ok. And, you know, if the money is OK, the world is OK, right?

Rogoff further said, “The basic idea is that by effectively charging banks to store their money with a central bank, banks will be spurred to lend to households, encouraging spending and helping growth. There are always, however, worries that if negative rates spread to households, people will literally stuff cash under their mattresses instead of storing it with banks, drying up the pool of cash available for banks to lend.”

That is probably the safest place for your cash. Your mattress. More on that in a minute.

Roggoff believes it may be time to implement negative rates in places like the UK and USA should another recession take hold.

Now that the globalists have succeeded in enticing consumers to do business digitally, negative interest rates probably won’t matter. As electronic transfers become the standard way of paying for purchases, Mr Rogoff believes this is a diminishing risk.

“It makes sense not to wait until the next financial crisis to develop plans [for] implementing effective negative rates”.

“The growth of electronic payment systems and the increasing marginalisation of cash in legal transactions creates a much smoother path to negative rate policy today than even two decades ago.”

“Countries can scrap larger denomination notes to reduce the likelihood of cash being held in substantial quantities, he suggests. This is also a potentially practical idea because cash tends now to be used largely for only small transactions. Law enforcement officials may also back the idea to cut down on money laundering and tax evasion.”

Oh yes. The New World Order’s ideas always have to do with keeping you safe.

“The key consequence from an economic point of view is that forcing savers to keep cash in an electronic format would make it easier to levy a negative interest rate.”

Therein lies the rub. We want to make it easier to levy negative interest rates.

One can see now see how the Beast’s economic policy will progress. It will be digital. No physical money will actually pass through people’s hands.

One bizarre effect of this policy is that some banks have passed on these negative interest rates to their retail depositors.”

America has been hit with negative interest rates through Bank of America. Bank of America reported $592.4 billion in deposits from banking customers. BOA paid its retail depositors an average interest rate of 0.04% last year. That 0.04% average rate means the bank paid its retail depositors a total of $236 million in interest. But, Bank of America charged those very same retail depositors $4.1 BILLION in fees. This means that depositors paid BOA a net sum of $3.8+ billion for the privilege of holding their money at the bank. Based on the bank’s total consumer deposits of $592.4 billion, it’s as if the bank had charged its customers a negative interest rate of 0.64%.

Value Walk makes this point by asking ‘What’s the point?’.

“It’s one thing to pay fees to a bank that will safeguard your capital and act in the most conservative way possible. People pay fees to storage companies to safeguard their wine collections, baseball card collections, all sorts of stuff. We even pay fees for safety deposit boxes to store important documents. So in principle there’s nothing wrong with paying a bank a reasonable fee to safeguard your money. But that’s not what banks do.” And that’s the point!

“They use our savings to speculate on whatever the latest investment fad of the day happens to be… whether it’s sub-prime auto loans, collateralized debt obligations, or some exotic derivative that no one understands. Your savings are not sitting in a vault being guarded by burley men with shotguns. To be frank, we have no idea what they’re doing with our money. And it hardly seems worth paying the bank to let them gamble with your hard-earned savings. We’re talking about an industry, after all, where hardly a month goes by without some major scandal.

They’ve been caught red-handed opening phony accounts, manipulating interest rates, fixing exchange rates, front-running their customers, etc. Earlier this week, in fact, the CEO of Wells Fargo announced that more bad news of a major scandal would soon hit the news headlines. It never stops.

Why does anyone continue to have confidence in these people and pay them when there’s absolutely zero doubt that they cannot be trusted?

The alternative is to keep at least a portion of your savings in physical cash. You’d miss out on the teensy tiny $0.04% interest, but you will have a bigger problem. That problem is what the Book of Revelation mentions as not being able to buy and sell. YHVH intends to turn the Sabbath issue into a major economic trial for His people during the Great Tribulation.


Let me bring this into Torah perspective. YHVH’s people – Christians, mainly – still reject His Sabbath. It is the keeping of His Sabbath, and gift to His Bride, that 1) shows the world that we agree that He is the Creator, 2) helps us to know that He is YHVH, according to Exodus 31:13, and 3) sets us apart from all other people in a way that keeping the dietary laws, attending the pilgrimage Feasts and all the rest of the Torah, can do.

Israel has always had a problem keeping the Sabbath. Governor Nehemiah had to make a decree about the start of the Sabbath because the Jews rejected the Sabbath to keep working, buying and selling after the start of erev Shabbat.

Nehemiah13:15 At that time I saw in Judah some who were treading wine presses on the Sabbath, bringing in sacks of grain, loading them onto donkeys, along with wine, grapes, figs, and all kinds of loads. They brought them into Jerusalem on the Sabbath day. So I rebuked them on the day on which they were selling food.

Nehemiah13:16 Furthermore, Tyrians were living there who were importing fish and all kinds of merchandise, selling them to the people of Judah on the Sabbath, even in Jerusalem.

Nehemiah13:17 I rebuked the officials of Judah, saying to them, “What’s this evil thing that you’re doing by profaning the Sabbath day?

Nehemiah13:18 Didn’t your ancestors do the same? And didn’t our God bring on us and on this city all of this trouble? Now you’re adding to the wrath against Israel by profaning the Sabbath!”

Nehemiah13:19 As the Sabbath approached and it began to get dark at the gates of Jerusalem, I gave word to shut the gates, charging that they should not be opened until after the Sabbath. I stationed some of my men at the gates to ensure that no loads would be brought in on the Sabbath day.

Nehemiah13:21 I argued with them, “Why are you staying outside the wall? If you do this again, I’ll arrest you.” From that time on, they didn’t come anymore on the Sabbath.

Nehemiah13:22 Then I commanded the descendants of Levi to purify themselves and to come as gate keepers to sanctify the Sabbath day. Remember me, my God, and show mercy to me according to the greatness of your gracious love.

Nehemiah10:31 As for the people of the land who bring merchandise or grain to sell on the Sabbath day, we will not buy from them on the Sabbath or on any holy day. We will forego planting crops, and we will cancel debts during every seventh year.

YHVH will make keeping the Sabbath into an economic issue by causing the whole world, not just believers, to not be able to buy and sell on any day of the week. The LORD will be, in effect, saying, “If you don’t want to stop buying and selling on the Sabbath, I will stop you from buying and selling on any day of the week”.

This will, in effect, be the way that YHVH uses to weed out the wheat from the tares, the Torah observant Sabbath keepers, from the Torah disobedient Sabbath rejectors. This Mark of the Beast implementation will be directly due to YHVH’s people profaning His name by trampling His Shabbat which is not on Sunday, but starts on Friday evening and ends on Saturday evening.

So, geo-political conditions, bad Presidents who are being led around by their own lusts, political tricksters and warmongering generals, and nuclear bombs aside. YHVH’s coming Great Tribulation will begin with economic punishment to the end time daughter of Babylon, America, and to the earth’s believers in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

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