FNC’s Chris Wallace on ‘Deep State Coups’ Against Trump: We’re Not There Yet – Breitbart

FNC’s Chris Wallace on ‘Deep State Coups’ Against Trump: We’re Not There Yet

Thursday on Fox News Channel’s “Outnumbered Overtime,” Chris Wallace, the host of “Fox News Sunday,” dismissed claims of “corruption at the highest levels of the FBI” by Republicans and White House deputy press secretary Raj Shah.

Wallace said, “It was very interesting listening to your interview with Raj Shah. At one point he talked about the corruption and bias in the FBI—he said the Mueller investigation saw no evidence of collusion. He doesn’t know that. None of us know that because we don’t know what they found in the investigation, but what struck me is this is just special counsel 101. We saw this with Bill Clinton, with Ken Starr and that investigation in the late 90s, the investigation of Monica Lewinsky and lying to the grand jury. One of the things the White House does when they are under fire is they do everything they can to discredit our special counsel’s investigation so if and when the special counsel decides to bring charges against a sitting president, they try to have undercut their credibility. That worked in the case of Bill Clinton. He got impeached, but he did not get convicted or removed from office. And obviously that’s part of what you are seeing going on at the White House—they are doing everything they can to undercut the credibility of the Mueller investigation so if they come up with any conclusions that are hostile to this president they can say we told you so.”

He continued, “There certainly is plenty of stuff to criticize in this investigation, there was plenty of stuff Bill Clinton and his White House found to criticize about Ken Starr. They said he was a prosecutor, a special counsel run amok. I have mixed feelings on this question of this investigation. On the one hand, all this criticism of James Comey and that he was so pro-Clinton, but that’s kind of a surprise to the Clinton campaign since ten days before the election he came out and announced he was reopening the investigation. There’s all kinds of criticism of Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, but when Robert Mueller found out about their bias, when you read their text messages, it was clear bias against President Trump, he fired them from the investigation. There is plenty of smoke.”

He added, “I’m not sure that talking about deep state coups against the president or corruption at the highest levels of the FBI, I’m not quite sure we’re there yet.”

Source: FNC’s Chris Wallace on ‘Deep State Coups’ Against Trump: We’re Not There Yet – Breitbart

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