Farm Update For January 2023

Welcome to this update. It is my desire to keep you updated from time to time so that you will know the condition of our farm.

No remodeling of the farmhouse has begun. A different plan has been implemented for the existing structure, one which will allow us to have more people living on the farm. Eight “caravans” have been donated to us which can be reconfigured or remodeled inside.

What is a “caravan”? In the US, these are called “trailers”. Each caravan is 12 x 4 meters. I have drawn up several floor plans for the caravans and have created a property layout for their placement. The caravans are particularly sturdy, having been upgraded from standard construction. The walls are 10cm instead of 5cm, for instance. The construction is military standard.

We are working with the company who constructed the caravans to have them configured for housing.

Michael and I bought a caravan and Rick also bought a caravan. After getting bids for the original plan of remodeling the existing house, we found it was less expensive to buy the caravans for use as housing.  

We expect to have anywhere from 12 to 24 rooms to house 24 to 48 people depending on which layouts we decide on. There are 4 bedroom, 3 bedroom and two 2 bedroom layouts to choose from. All the configurations include at least 1 bathroom inside. I expect the final decision will be to put a mix of layouts on the farm.

We want each caravan to be solar powered for lights and water. The cost, however, is very high. Our desire is to put two 1200 liter solar water systems on the roof of the existing house which can connect to all of the caravans for a constant and free hot water supply.

The solar system for electricity is now a challenge because of the price. Self-sufficiency is the name of the game now that the Great reset is coming and we must get everything done and paid for before the global currency is changed. We don’t want to be connected to the electric grid for reasons of the coming CBDCs.

We started the irrigation project. The irrigation pump will be run on solar. We consulted with a construction engineer to make sure we get the right size pumps. We need 3 pumps, one from each cistern.

The old irrigation lines are being dug up and new lines laid. Blessedly, we have received more rain which buys us another 4 to 6 weeks before our irrigation must water the olive trees.

Speaking of trees, we found out they have gall, a type of tree cancer common to olive trees all over the world but, particularly, in this region. It can be treated but not cured. However, gall does not prevent olive production.

Our trees are smaller than normal because the previous lessor of the grove did not water enough. It may also be that he did not fertilize. We know he did not prune the trees given their condition when we took over the farm. We have had the trees pruned.

Next on the agenda after the irrigation is finished will be to fertilize then put mulch in the trenches. In case you are not aware, trenches are dug in the dirt around olive trees to match the size of the canopy. Irrigation water is held in these trenches. The land is dry so there won’t be any standing water. The trenches prevent run-off of irrigation water.

Here is a look at the barley the other two farms planted.

Be Blessed!
Kimberly Rogers-Brown

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