Jews say “Palestinian” people didn’t exist before the 1960s

The “Palestinian” people is a new concept that came about in the 1960s. They are not an age-old people. They have not existed for thousands of years, despite what they may want you to think. Israel knows it. The Jews know it. Many aware and intelligent people know it. But some people still believe the lie. Some people still believe that the Jewish people came and took land from a so-called group of people known as the “Palestinians.”

BIBLICAL PERSPECTIVE: Genome studies, scripture and history prove today’s Palestinians are mostly ancient Israelite descendants. So, yes, they have existed in Israel for as long as the Jews. They were there with the Jews and after the Jews were expelled from Israel for their sins against Yeshua, the people who would begin to be called ‘Palestinians’ in the 1960s were still in Israel. It would take 2,000 years for Arafat to rename them.

Source: Arab historian blurts out the truth about the “Palestinian” people

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