ANTISEMITISM FALSE FLAG: Israeli envoy calls for criminalizing antisemitism after NYT cartoon

“The time for talking and having a conversation is over.”

Why is the New York Times taunting Israel with Antisemitic cartoons? The new US office of Antisemitism must have a reason for its existence, that’s why.

I’d bet you a dollar to a doughnut that the NYT has been hired by Trump officials to make the new United States Combating Anti-Semitism Office of value!

Some of the paper’s critics say it has a deep-rooted cultural problem when it comes to Israel and anti-Semitism. Others reject that charge completely, saying the publication of the offensive cartoon was simply the result of an overworked editor.

“I don’t think anyone in our office believes for one second there is an issue with institutionalized anti-semitism at the NYT,” one staffer in an international bureau said.

Numerous staffers in New York said they didn’t know the international edition carried cartoons at all, since the domestic edition does not.

Yeah. The domestic edition does not carry cartoons, but the international version does. That’s just the right place to put a hateful Antisemitic cartoon. 

According to the National ReviewThe Times, like many of today’s mainstream media outlets, has been completely and utterly willing to cover for and, indeed, engage in anti-Semitism, so long as it is disguised as anti-Zionism.

Yes, you got it! Anti-Semitism and Anti-Zionism are being equated. You won’t be able to to disagree with the Israeli government’s policies like last year’s Jewish State bill without US and Israeli government reprisals.

Daring to call Israel to greater righteousness according to the Torah they ignore by superseding it with their Talmud, which allows for all kinds of crimes against YHVH, is considered antisemitic now. In America, you can go to jail for saying that homosexuality is an egregious abomination against YHVH. Well, now your righteous right to call for Israel to rid itself of homosexuals and allow the righteous of the  House of Israel to make Aliyah without converting to Judaism and denying Yeshua in the process will be regarded as Anti-Semitic!

Get ready to agree with everything Israel does from now on!

The real truth is that someone needs to stir up Antisemitism so that Americans will welcome the coming war intervention that the US will provide to Israel in its coming wars via the Trump administration. Americans like to think of themselves as generous toward Israel, not hateful. 

So, new US Special Envoy for Combating Anti-Semitism Elan Carr, gets to look tough toward a Newspaper that has a rather good track record toward American Jews. The New York Times is a liberal paper and most American Jews are Democrats. 

American Antisemitism, then, serves three purposes, some that I have mentioned here and some not.

One is to bolster the perception with Americans that Elan Carr needs to keep his job.

Two, Israel is hoping the appearance of rising American Antisemitism will cause more Jews to make Aliyah because they now need millions more Jews to fill up the West Bank and Golan Heights.

Three, an increase in Antisemitism will help prepare Americans for war in Israel if and when the US and Israel decide to deport 1,000,000 Palestinians starting with the 300,000!

Source: Israeli envoy calls for criminalizing antisemitism after NYT cartoon – Diaspora – Jerusalem Post

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