The Under-Reported News – 07/28/2017


Half of Jacob’s Sheep Die Off in ‘Bluetongue’ Epidemic, But There’s a Surprising Silver Lining

“The land of Israel is acquired through suffering”. In late June, the herd contracted Bluetongue Disease, a virus transmitted via insects. Mortality from the disease can run as high as 90 percent in imported breeds. Of the Lewinskys’ herd, 48 sheep died in the last month, leaving the couple with slightly more than half their original herd.

In a bid to promote diversity, Egypt plans to restore Alexandria synagogue

A $2 million restoration of Egypt’s largest synagogue is the start of a government effort to keep alive the legacy of the Jewish community, whose members have largely left for Israel, France and elsewhere since the middle of the last century.

“We are experiencing a renaissance,” said Samy Ibrahim, vice president of the Cairo Jewish community, which, like the one in Alexandria, counts a population of less than a dozen members. “The government is elevating the profile of the heritage of Egyptian Jews.”


Why did NASA just destroy Apollo tape recordings found in a basement?

The nation’s space agency may or may not be trying to hide something, but it just did something extremely suspicious.

As reported by the U.K.’s Daily MailNASA officials recently discovered a trove of historical tapes from the Apollo era, when the space agency was sending astronauts to the Moon — and then destroyed them after they turned up in a basement in Pittsburgh:

NASA recently destroyed hundreds of mysterious tape reels and two Apollo-era NASA computers used during the height of the Space Race, documents have revealed.

Scientists detect more strange signals from outer space… is somebody trying to talk to us?

NASA says Mars is experiencing its own climate change

Mars is emerging from an ice age, a finding that could shed light on the past and future climates of both Mars and Earth, researchers said.

For years, it has been known by NASA that the other planets in our solar system are experiencing climate change. It is not just the earth that is warming. The question is, why are all the planets experiencing this? One explanation is that there is a celestial body creating a friction in our solar system that is heating the planets. What is this celestial body? Some may conclude that it is Planet X, Nibiru, etc. Another conclusion might be that the New Jerusalem is on its way to the earth. While New Jerusalem is not a large celestial body, it may be that a large celestial body is bringing the city here.


Nazi Eugenics Policies Are Sweeping the Country: Oregon’s Final Solution

A judge in Tennessee is sterilizing prisoners in exchange for knocking 30 days off of their sentence. The rationale comes straight out of the Nazi playbook in which the state will decide who breeds and who does not.

Far left militia training for “guerrilla warfare”

Right wing radio personality, Dana Loesch and The National Rifle Association recently came under fire for launching a “controversial” ad. There was an immediate backlash from numerous left leaning publications claiming that the video was a call to violence. Interestingly enough, the recent spike in political violence has come overwhelmingly from the left. Even more concerning is the growth of far left organizations openly advocating for “armed struggle”, especially considering the recent targeted shooting of Republican House Majority Whip Steve Scalise and three others by a deranged left wing activist.

ISIS’ ‘Genocide’ of Christians References Removed From State Dept. Documents

A report published Tuesday by the Washington Free Beacon cites human rights activists and attorneys familiar with State Department policies who claim that top State Department lawyers “are systematically removing the word ‘genocide’ to describe the Islamic State’s mass slaughter of Christians, Yazidis, and other ethnic minorities” from speeches before they are delivered and official State Department documents.


Red onions found to fight cancer more powerfully than yellow or white onions

The research team said that red onions were particularly rich in the flavonoid quercetin. Red onions also had significantly high concentrations of anthocyanin, a compound that enhanced the scavenging properties of quercetin against cancer cells. In addition, the scientists said that red onions were equally effective in eliminating breast cancer cells.

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