The Jerusalem Report – 08/18/2017 – Stories: Israel Threatened; North Korea; The Eclipse

North Korea backed down from its threatening attack of Guam this week. President Donald Trump breathed a big sigh of relief and thought he had saved the day. Nothing could be further from the truth.

I’ll have some details about the relationship between those nuclear tests all those years ago and your health today.

America’s debt load is on the rise – in the trillions now. Everything is going up.


And then, there’s the eclipse. Facts and prophecies and what the event in Nineveh in Jonah’s day might tell Americans today.


But first, Israel’s satellite images show Iran’s new scud missile factory inside Syria. Hezbollah and an Iraqi militia group are making Kim Jong Un-style threats to Israel. All news, no hype.


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New satellite imagery released this week show the first ever Scud missile factory being built inside Syria. The pictures are from a site near Latakia on the Syrian-government controlled coastline. The facility has all the fingerprints of Iran in that it resembles a missile plant in Tehran, according to Israeli media reports.

Experts told Channel 2 the sophisticated construction could not have been undertaken without Iranian experts operating inside Syria. They believe work on the facility began sometime last year. It has both the production and underground storage capabilities for long-range missiles which are capable of striking Israel. They believe it will be completed by the end of 2017. 

Israel’s main worry is the growing influence Iran has over the government of Bashar al-Assad, and the presence of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, Hezbollah and Shia militias which take part in the fighting. Russia has placed mercenaries along Israel’s Golan border.

Hezbollah forces have begun to evacuate territory near Syria’s Golan region, not far from the Israeli border, after the US State Department demanded that the Lebanese terror organization immediately leave the area, Syrian news agency Al-Ittihad reported Thursday.

According to a number of sources who talked to the Syrian publication, at least 300 Hezbollah fighters have abandoned 14 positions in the Quneitra area, which sits in near proximity to Israel’s Golan territory. The militants, according to sources, left with tanks, armored vehicles and heavy weapons as they made their way toward the Syrian capital of Damascus.

US State Department spokesman Mark Toner on Tuesday addressed the threat the terrorist organization poses against the United States and its allies, demanding that they withdraw their forces and refrain carrying “on military operations in Syria in support of the [Assad] regime.”

Both Iran and the allied Lebanese militant organisation have sworn the destruction of the Jewish state. 

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a speech last week, that Israel vehemently opposes Iran’s military build up in Syria and warned that as Isis was displaced in the country Iran would try to strengthen its position.

It emerged last week that Israeli officials had tried to thwart a recent US and Russian brokered peace deal regarding Syria’s restive south over worries it gave Iran too much power. Israel reportedly presented “numerous objections”, arguing that world powers were not focussed enough on the long-term threat of Iranian influence in Syria when the civil war has ended. 

Israel was correct to attempt to stop the deal. I reported that the United States would become a “guard” to Israel. With the State Department’s latest demand that Hezbollah leave the Golan area, the U.S. has officially taken up its post as Israel’s military guardian.

No longer is Israel able to defend itself as it has done in the past. No longer is it possible for Israel to do the bidding of the U.S. and its allies in the region. President Donald Trump has tied Israel’s hands behind its back.

Israel is making its own demands, saying Washington and Moscow must force the Lebanese army, Hezbollah, Iraqi and Iranian armies to leave Syria when the conflict ends. Israel worries that Syria could become home to rockets pointed at Israel at close range. 

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said earlier this month that Washington would continue to cooperate with Russia in the Syrian theatre on the condition that Iranian forces in the country were eventually removed. Another conflict could arise in Syria if Moscow is unable or unwilling to demand Iran, Iraq and all Lebanese forces remove from Syria and the Golan border.

That conflict will likely be between Gog and the King of the North as reported previously in my article, “COULD PRESIDENT DONALD DRUMPF TRIGGER THE GOG-MAGOG WAR?”. You can read that article by clicking the link in this text or by accessing it through my articles on Beast Watch News dot com.

Israel has been reduced to protecting itself through a new barrier along the Israel-Syria border in the Golan Heights. The area had no protective barrier for a long period of time, but when Syria fell apart, Israel’s security forces decided to rebuild the entire barrier. Even though there were some engineering challenges in the area, the last part of the barrier has finally been completed.

The new barrier surrounds the volatile area between Israel, Jordan and Syria. It is a narrow valley with streams running down from Syria and with Israel in the west and Jordan in the east. Jordan is planning to continue the construction of the barrier in its territory and in the meantime, has an armed military outpost surveying the entire area.

Maj. Nadav Dahan, an officer in the Operations Directorate of the Golan Brigade, explained that Israel is preparing for an escalation with ISIS along the border even though media reports say that ISIS is being defeated in Syria. He said, “The group’s capabilities are currently pointed elsewhere but they may be turned towards us too”.

A senior Israeli security delegation headed to Washington this week for talks with United States National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster, Deputy National Security Advisor Dina Powell, Special Representative for International Negotiations Jason Greenblatt and other senior officials.

The talks will primarily focus on Israeli security matters vis a vis Lebanon and Syria and are not focused on the newly revived peace conversations.

In a briefing to government ministers earlier this week, Cohen warned that Iran is filling the vacuum left by ISIS as its hold on territory in Syria and Iraq wanes. Cohen said that Tehran was spreading its influence both directly through Iranian forces and via local proxies in Lebanon, Iraq, Syria and Yemen.

Cohen also told the ministers that Tehran had not relinquished its goal of becoming a nuclear threshold state and that the 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) nuclear deal with the P5+1 helped Iran get closer to its goal and emboldened it in its regional aggression.

The Iran-backed Lebanese and Hezbollah armies are a major danger to Israel now. With Russia’s firepower on Golan, Naftali Bennett’s threat to act forcefully against an attack from Lebanon may have no teeth at all. It may be that Russia’s Muslim Edomite mercenary army sitting on the Golan border, would prevent Israel from retaliating against Lebanon in the event of an attack. If not prevent, then at least complicate Israel’s response.

Bennett said Israel will not operate “surgically” in the next war with Lebanon. That it will strike at any building used for Hezbollah’s activities, residential or otherwise.

“Unlike the Second Lebanon War, this time we won’t differentiate between the organization and the State of Lebanon. This means any attack by Hezbollah will cause destruction throughout Lebanon and its institutions,” Bennett stated.

It is a good thought, but one must ask Naftali Bennet how this will work if Russia’s fighter jets, sitting right on Israel’s borders to protect Hezbollah from Israel, are launched? The more tension there is between Lebanon and Israel, the greater are the chances that Russia will join the mercenaries and park its own troops across from the Golan. This also increases the chances that Russia will defy U.S. demands to remove Iran from Syria to place the IRGC at Quneitra, as well.


The possibility exists that a retaliatory attack by Israel against Lebanon could trigger the King of the North invasion. Russia and Iran, along with their allies, would attack together.

Bennett emphasized that Israel is seeking to prevent another war with Hezbollah. Nasrallah, speaking on the 11th anniversary of the Second Lebanon War, threatened Israel with “great defeat and humiliation” in any future conflict.

A Jordanian government spokesman this week also expressed concern about the presence of pro-Assad sectarian militias near the Syria-Jordan border.

Jordanian media quoted Mohammad Moumani, minister of state for media affairs, as saying the kingdom will not allow such groups to have a foothold near its territory, views the development as a “strategic threat” and will “take the necessary measures to ensure there is security and stability on our border.”

Moumani also said that the international community and “world powers” regard the situation as seriously as Jordan does, and that some “regional countries” take it even more seriously than Jordan does – possibly a reference to Israel and Saudi Arabia, Iran’s main regional rivals.

Israel, Jordan and Saudi Arabia, along with Egypt, Ethiopia and Libya, will be targeted by the modern Persian King of the North.

Recent estimates of the size of Persian Shi’ite militias mobilized by Iran over the past two years has been estimated at upwards of 50,000, an even greater number than that of foreign Sunni extremists who flocked to the region to fight for the ISIS “caliphate.”

Ilan Berman, senior vice-president of the American Foreign Policy Council, said the Shi’ite force “represents a grave and growing threat to the Middle East.” He expects that “in the future, Iran’s leaders may well harness their new expeditionary force beyond the Syrian battlefield, using it as a tool to pursue other geopolitical objectives and target regional rivals”.

If I didn’t know better, I’d say Ilan Berman is familiar with Daniel chapter 11. But Berman had more to say that validates my reports of the past few months that say the King of the North will attack America. He said if Iran’s leaders create a new force that moves beyond the Syrian battlefield, “the nations of the Middle East will be faced with a new, and formidable, asymmetric adversary. So, too, will the United States”.

Russia and Iran will attack the United States on Israel’s soil first as it tries to protect Israel from the King of the North. But these two allies, along with other nations like North Korea and China, will attack the U.S. mainland from nuclear submarines.

As for Iran’s threat to Israel goes, Mr. Rouhani said that a reconstituted nuclear program would be “far more advanced,” a veiled threat that the country could start enriching uranium up to the level of 20 percent. He said, “Iran will definitely revert to a far more advanced situation than it had before the negotiations, not in a matter of weeks or months but in a matter of days or hours.” 

Think of this. If Iran is capable of ratcheting up its program in a matter of weeks to enrich uranium to 20%, that means it has been purchasing, stockpiling and preparing all the equipment it needs to do that because such equipment cannot be built and installed that fast. So, the equipment is “stored” in a manner that is ready to go. That, in itself, violates the terms of the nuclear deal. Anyone who thinks a Persian -whether a Russian Persian or an Iranian Persian – can be trusted is a fool.

Another report recently arose that detailed a much more long-term Iranian military plan to establish air bases and even a naval base in Syria. Qassem Soleimani will ostensibly claim that such bases will be required to defend against “terrorism,” while in reality they will serve to cement Iran’s hegemony over the Syrian people. Just as alarming, these military bases will offer Iran an exponential increase in its military reach and ability to project both unconventional and conventional weapons throughout the region in its entirety.

IRGC air bases could be used to mask medium-range ballistic missile-production facilities, weapons that could reach every major city in the Middle East, from Jerusalem to Jeddah. A naval port in Syria will be used to further expand the IRGC’s smuggling by sea of weapons to its Shiite militant proxies. With the land route through Iraq and into Syria near completion, Soleimani will now have the capability to arm, train, and indoctrinate a crescent of Shiite extremists by land, air, and sea.

If this beachhead of Iranian aggression is not stopped now, it may be impossible to roll it back in the future. Imagine a constellation of IRGC-controlled air bases and ports that stretches from the Arabian Gulf to Iraq to the Bab Al-Mandab Strait off Yemen, to the Golan Heights and into Syria’s mediterranean coast. This nightmare scenario will fuel a global terrorism that would make Daesh look like amateurs.

Iran and Hezbollah are not Israel’s only threat at the Golan border. The Iran-backed Iraqi militia group, Harakat al-Nujaba, has already set up camp at the Golan border. Iraq is a member of the 4+1 coalition that constitutes the King of the North.

Harakat al-Nujaba announced that it will support Hezbollah in the fight against the “occupying Zionist regime” of Israel.

The coalition is amassing for the fight of Israel’s life!


While everyone is elated that Kim Jong Un backed down from his threats against Guam and the U.S., most pundits are missing a critical point. Maps showing the strike range of North Korea’s most advanced missile only lulls Americans back to sleep.

Every time North Korea blusters and fumes and then backs down – and the country’s leader has done a lot of that over the past few years – the American public is being desensitized to the danger of the threats.

The point that most pundits miss is that North Korea doesn’t need a missile with a range long enough to strike Hawaii or the U.S. mainland. China and Russia have nuclear and ICBM launching submarines. North Korea’s job will be to attack U.S. allies like Japan, Guam and the Philippines.

I believe China instigates North Korea’s intermittent threats. First, Kim Jong Un can’t wait for the U.S. to be destroyed. China uses this hatred as ploy to appear helpful to the U.S. Political and diplomatic drama are stirred up by China as a false flag to keep everyone believing China can’t do much with North Korea, when it is really China who is behind Kim’s threats. North Korea is to China what Iran is to Russia.


Americans’ debt level notched another record high in the second quarter, after having earlier in the year surpassed its pre-crisis peak, on the back of modest rises in mortgage, auto and credit card debt, where delinquencies jumped.

Total U.S. household debt was $12.84 trillion in the three months to June, up $552 billion from a year ago, according to a Federal Reserve Bank of New York report published on Tuesday.

The proportion of overall debt that was delinquent, at 4.8 percent, was on par with the previous quarter. However a red flag was raised over the transitions of credit card balances into delinquency, which the New York Fed said “ticked up notably.”

Loosening lending standards have allowed borrowers with lower credit scores to access credit cards. Yes, friends, its’ the early 2000s all over again.

“The current state of credit card delinquency flows can be an early indicator of future trends and we will closely monitor the degree to which this uptick is predictive of further consumer distress,” said one economist this week.

Total U.S. indebtedness is about 14 percent above the trough of household deleveraging brought on by the 2007-2009 financial crisis and deep recession, a pull-back that interrupted what had been a 63-year upward trend.

Mortgage debt was $8.69 trillion in the second quarter, up $329 billion from last year, the report said. Student loan debt was $1.34 trillion, up $85 billion, while auto loan debt came in at $1.19 trillion, up $55 billion.


Next Monday, August 21, 2017, the U.S. will witness an unusual solar eclipse, one that can only be seen in America. The upcoming event has people wondering what it means for America. Maybe something or maybe nothing. However, there are some details to pay attention to. One of those details is that in another 2,550 days, another solar eclipse will cross back over the continent creating a criss-cross effect of solar eclipses over the U.S. mainland.

But that’s not all. The number, 2,550, contains two important prophetic numbers: 1260 and 1290. The two numbers of days describe the length of the Great Tribulation depending on where you are when it starts. The Jews living in Israel will experience 1290 days of Jacob’s Trouble while the rest of the earth will experience 1260 days. You can get more information about this in my teaching at, in the teaching titled The Kingdom Of Israel: The Nation We Inherit. I give a detailed study on why the prophecies present these two different number of days.

1260 + 1290 = 2550. But YHVH has another number for us to keep in mind. The number is 40.

August 21st is the first day in a 40 day period that ends with Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement. The month of Elul on the Jewish calendar begins on the very next day after the eclipse. In Judaism, the month of Elul is a time of repentance in preparation for the High Holy Days of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. Elul is seen as a time to search one’s heart and draw close to God in preparation for the coming Day of Judgement, Rosh Hashanah, and Day of Atonement, Yom Kippur. Elul 1 is also the day in which Yeshua likely went into the desert for 40 days and nights to be tested. It was at that Year’s Sukkot when He stood in the Synagogue and read:

Isa 61:1 The Spirit of the Lord GOD is upon me; because the LORD hath anointed me to preach good tidings unto the meek; he hath sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to them that are bound; Isa 61:2 To proclaim the acceptable year of the LORD.

He stopped there even though there is more in the passage. Luke 4:17-19 is where you can read about this episode. So, Elul is very important to Yeshua. The 40 days of repentance is important to Him.

The month of Elul is the time that Moses spent on Mount Sinai preparing the second set of tablets after the golden calf incident. He ascended on the 1st of Elul and descended on the 10th of Tishri, at the end of Yom Kippur, when repentance was complete. Elul marked the beginning of a period of 40 days that Moses prayed for God to forgive the people for worshipping the golden calf.

But there is more than merely the number 40 and the month of repentance, the month of Elul, here. The sun is 400 times farther from the earth than the moon which is why the moon can appear to block out the sun. Also, the sun’s diameter is 400 times greater than the earth’s.

The number 400 has to do with government. Specifically, it has to do with government of Yeshua, the government that is upon His shoulders.

Of course the numbers 40 and 400 come up many times throughout the Scriptures. For instance, Noah’s ordeal included 40 days and 40 nights of rain. After Moses killed the Egyptian, he fled to Midian, where he spent 40 years in the desert tending flocks. Yeshua would later repeat that pattern of 40 days and nights in the desert.

Then, Moses was on Mount Sinai for 40 days and 40 nights. Moses interceded on Israel’s behalf for 40 days and 40 nights. The Israelite spies took 40 days to spy out Canaan. The Law specified a maximum number of lashes a man could receive for a crime, setting the limit at 40. The Israelites wandered for 40 years.

Before Samson’s deliverance, Israel served the Philistines for 40 years. Goliath taunted Saul’s army for 40 days before David arrived to slay him. When Elijah fled from Jezebel, he traveled 40 days and 40 nights to Mt. Horeb. Jonah gave the people of Nineveh 40 days to repent before judgment would strike.

And there were 40 days between Yeshua’s resurrection and His ascension.

For the earth to get to the 400 number, the time of Yeshua’s government on the earth, we must traverse the 40 days and nights of testing and repentance. That’s where Esau comes in because he presented his own government of 400 fighting men when Jacob crossed into Israel.

The United States has town named “Nineveh” where 93 percent of the sun blotted out by the moon this time, but 7 years from now, the eclipse of 2024 will blot out 100 percent of the sun in that same town. That number ‘7’ should have caught your attention, too.

We have to look all the way back to 1257 to find another total eclipse that was exclusive to present-day U.S. soil. To find a previous comparable eclipse, we must go back more than 1,500 years to July 29, 436. America won’t see another such total solar eclipse that is viewable only in the U.S. until Jan. 25, 2316. Before that, we have to go back to June 15, 763 BC to the total solar eclipse over Nineveh if we are going to understand YHVH’s message to America.

Much comparison has been made between the solar eclipse of 763 BC in Nineveh and this upcoming U.S. solar eclipse. Most people are missing the entire point of this comparison, though. The reason the comparison is so important is because YHVH did not send Jonah to some random people in Nineveh, some gentiles that He just happened to have some compassion for. This is not, as Christian doctrine teaches, YHVH reaching out to Gentiles. If not, then what or who?

Nineveh was the capital city of Assyria. It was a decadent city, but that was not why YHVH selected it for repentance. Assyria is where the House of Israel was exiles, trapped. YHVH calling Nineveh to repentance was His call to the House of Israel, not to the Assyrian gentiles who held them captive.

Jonah didn’t want to go to Nineveh because he didn’t want to be a prophet to the House of Israel. He was not avoiding calling gentiles to God, but the House of Israel. The House of Judah, Jonah was a Jew, had washed their hands of the northern tribes. Jonah’s hatred for the House of Israel expresses the hatred that the House of Judah had for the House of Israel.

Where is the House of Israel today? America. But not just in America. The House of Israel is in the West with America as the West’s economic and military super power, a super power that is now waning. When Jonah called the House of Israel to repentance, it was for the purpose of saving the House of Israel from the coming destruction. The war with the Babylonians was close and soon Babylon would defeat Assyria. The House of Israel is YHVH’s people, both then and now, even though they are out of His covenant, then and now.

YHVH is giving to America what He gave to Nineveh – His personal call to return to His covenant, to obedience of the Torah and a personal relationship with Him as their King.

Here’s the thing to remember: Jonah went to the House of Israel during the 40 days of repentance which starts on Elul 1 and culminates on Yom Kippur. This is the same season as YHVH’s call to America now!

The earth was not yet at the time of the end of the ages during Jonah’s time. But it is now. This call to repentance may be YHVH’s last call before the destruction.

Consider that the U.S. will conduct a huge military exercise on the Korean Peninsula on August 21, 2017 while the eclipse is occurring in America. Approximately 25,000 U.S. troops will join tens of thousands of troops from the South Korean military to conduct a major military exercise. It will be a massive sea, land and air exercise and it is provoking North Korea once again. The annual joint exercises, named Ulchi-Freedom Guardian, have long been planned for 21-31 August, but now come at a time when both Washington and Pyongyang are on heightened alert, raising the spectre of a mishap or overreaction.

Last weekend, the North said the exercises were “kicking up war zeal.” Two years ago, the North proposed a temporary moratorium on nuclear tests if Washington canceled the joint biannual military exercises. China has also recently suggested a similar two-sided freeze, although the United States has so far refused.

It appears that YHVH may be giving Western Christians a 7 year opportunity to return to Him, to keeping His commandments, to begin acting like they are a part of the covenant He made with the whole House of Jacob instead of something different. To return to the covenant means to embrace the House of Judah, the Jews, and the Jewish understanding of scripture and a lifestyle based on the Torah’s commandments.

Might it be that the United States’ continued provocation of North Korea and China will criss cross the North American continent in 7 years from now, 2,550 days after the August 21, 2017 eclipse? Might YHVH use those nations to bring the House of Israel to its knees?


An esoteric prophecy written over a century ago has something to say about the fate of North Korea. The 100-year-old prophecy described the solar eclipse that will traverse the entire United States next week and predicted what the rare event portends, presumably, for the outcome of the current North Korean-US conflict.

In a prophecy found in the “Yalkut Moshe”, written by Rabbi Moshe ben Yisrael Benyamin in Safed in 1894, there is this: “The prophecy states that when a solar eclipse occurs in the beginning of the month of Elul, kings of the East will suffer great loss.”

“It is an especially bad sign,” Rabbi Berger told Breaking Israel News.

But you see, therein lies the problem. God’s prophecies should be Israel-centric. America is not Israel. It is the House of Israel that is still in idolatry and facing the same kind of destruction as the ancient lost tribes in Assyria.

Rabbi Berger further noted that the eclipse will also be accompanied by other phenomena such as storms and animals dying.

Rabbi Berger, interpreting the Yalkut Moshe, says the suffering of the “kings of the East” clearly refers to “the despotic leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-Un, and the loss he will suffer if he continues to taunt President [Donald] Trump.”

Thankfully, Rabbi Berger’s is not the only interpretation of its possible meaning. American-born Rabbi Lazar Brody has something more credible to say. He cited the Talmud which explicitly states that solar eclipses are a result of idol worship.

“[It] is a shout from above, saying, ‘America, get your act together, come back to the Almighty and cast away all your legalization of what the Torah calls abominations’.”


Keeping in mind the constant threat of a nuclear war, there is this:

Those who survive a nuclear blast are still likely to be contaminated by radiation. From what researchers can tell, even people more than five hundred miles away from massive nuclear tests have encountered enough radiation (due to weather blowing it in their direction) to increase cancer rates and permanently harm babies in utero.

The nuclear explosions that came at the end of World War II — and the explosions from hundreds of nuclear tests in subsequent years — still have demonstrable effects on human health. Every living thing on the planet today shows some sign of being exposed to the radiation emitted in the era of widespread nuclear testing.

Radiation from the Hiroshima and Nagasaki blasts continued to affect the survivors long after the events. Those effects have been studied ever since, with most research conducted by a joint Japan-US organization called the Radiation Effects Research Foundation.

Researchers have found that babies who were exposed to radiation from the bombings in utero were significantly more likely to be born with small head size, mental disabilities, and were less likely to grow to normal height. Children born to women who were within 2.5 km of the edge of the fireballs were at least five times as likely to demonstrate these effects when compared to people farther away.

Among survivors, cancer rates in general rose approximately 10%, according to RERF data. Leukemia rates rose more — almost 50% — and had the biggest effect on children. (This primarily affected people who were young at the time of the explosions, so the effect has mostly disappeared in the years since.)

After the war, nuclear testing by major superpowers entered its heyday. The US and Soviet Union both detonated hundreds of nuclear weapons before signing the Partial Test Ban Treaty in 1963, which prohibited above-ground nuclear tests.

Because of those tests, “radioactive particles and gases were spread in the atmosphere,” according to the CDC. That effect was widespread enough to deposit radiation all over the globe. Anyone who has lived in the US after 1951 has received some exposure to fallout. All of our organs and tissues show some sign of it.

In most cases, the potential increased cancer risk from that exposure is very small. (Most of us receive far more radiation regularly from X-rays and similar procedures.) But at least one CDC study estimated that fallout could eventually be responsible for up to 11,000 cancer deaths in the US, according to New York Times coverage of the study.

People who were closer to locations where nuclear weapons were tested between 1951 and 1963 have fared worse than residents of other areas. Soldiers who witnessed and participated in tests in Nevada were approximately 14% more likely to die from leukemia, 20% more likely to die from prostate cancer, and more than 20% more likely to die from nasal cancer than soldiers not involved in those tests. Soldiers who witnessed Pacific Ocean tests had similar changes.

One analysis looked at Norwegians exposed to fallout from Soviet tests conducted more than 500 miles away. The researchers found that people in some areas were hit for years by annual doses of radiation about 60 times the size of an X-ray mammogram (or twice the dose of a full-body CT scan) — enough to cause harm. Kids who were born in exposed Norwegian regions during that time period were more likely to have lower IQs and educational achievement. Even the children of exposed individuals were later found to have lower cognitive scores.

As Harold Pollack described in the Washington Post, famed Soviet physicist Andrei Sakharov estimated that the potential health consequences of Russia’s nuclear tests could eventually cause hundreds of thousands of cancer deaths. That risk assessment transformed Sakharov from a respected government scientist into an active dissident.

So what can you do if you have been exposed to high radiation by being in close proximity to the nuclear tests all those decades ago? Here is a report on the best foods to detoxify radiation.

One substance that helps the body with radiation is iodine. While there are a lot of drawbacks to using iodine, there are plenty of foods that naturally protect our bodies from radiation.

19 Of The Best Foods To Naturally Detox Radiation:

Black / Green Tea
Wheat Grass
Apples (and other fruits rich in pectin)
Kale (and other leafy greens)
Coconut oil

The Swedish Government monitored the radiation level of foods following the Chernobyl disaster. They found that most animal based foods including meat, dairy, and fish had higher levels of radioactive substances than fruits, vegetables, grains, and potatoes. Eating plant based foods can reduce exposure to radioactive substances by avoiding concentrations of these substances in animal fat and tissues. A plant centered diet in the midst of radiation exposure provides lower levels of radioactive substances as well as fiber, antioxidants, and phytochemicals that have the potential to reduce cancer rates associated with radiation exposure.

Sulfur-containing antioxidants found in cruciferous vegetables, such as broccoli, kale, and cabbage, have been found to provide protection against radiation exposure through their detoxifying properties.

Pectin in fruits has also been shown to reduce levels of the radioactive substance Cs-137. Plant based foods provide protection against free radical damage and they can reduce the absorption of radioactive substances.

A study published in Russia reviewed the protective nature of dietary fiber against radiation. Researchers used concentrates of dietary fiber from lemon peel and beet root among other plants and found that the fiber did have radio-protective properties. The authors concluded that concentrated dietary fiber can be used in human nutrition to accelerate the elimination of nuclides or radioactive elements.

Whether or not the Fukushima plant meltdown caused the radioactive levels to escalate or not, the simple change to a strong plant diet can provide significant protection and health benefits for you and your family. Consuming a broad spectrum of fruits and vegetables can provide powerful protection against the ravaging effects of radiation exposure.


More than 4,000 religious leaders have signed a letter urging Congress to maintain the Johnson Amendment, a law barring pulpit politicking that President Trump has vowed to gut.

The letter signed by a wide range of clergy and lay members — from Methodists to Muslims to those who hold metaphysical beliefs — was spearheaded by Americans United for Separation of Church and State and the Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty. Catholic, Jewish and Unitarian Universalist organizations also were among the sponsoring groups of the letter that has signers from Alabama to Wyoming.

Following up on a campaign promise, Trump vowed in a National Prayer Breakfast speech in February that he would “totally destroy the Johnson Amendment and allow our representatives of faith to speak freely and without fear.”

In a Rose Garden ceremony on the National Day of Prayer in May, he signed an executive order that asked the IRS not to enforce the amendment, which allows it to strip the nonprofit status from any tax-exempt organization that endorses a political candidate or participates in a political campaign.

In July, the House Appropriations Committee voted to keep language in a spending bill that would defund IRS efforts to enforce the amendment. The bill must be passed by the House and the Senate before it can be signed into law by the president.

Maggie Garrett, Americans United’s legislative director, said the letter-signing initiative started before the introduction of that language as religious leaders responded to the president’s vow to get rid of the law. The letter notes that there is nothing in current law that bars faith leaders from supporting or opposing political candidates in their personal capacities.

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