The Under-Reported News – 08/04/2017


Baltimore cops planting drugsBaltimore Cops Keep Accidentally Recording Themselves Planting Drugs On People

Officers planting evidence appear to be growing a tree of corruption at the Baltimore Police Department, as the second release of suspicious body camera footage in two weeks has led to more dropped drug charges.

Flu shotGroundbreaking study on flu shots and pregnant women PROVES that flu shots weaken immunity in subsequent years

A new study aimed at uncovering how prior vaccination can impact the immune response of expectant mothers, has confirmed that after receiving a flu shot, people have lower antibody responses to the following year’s vaccine.

Appeals court decides fate of nation’s oldest synagogue

Touro Synagogue holds an important place in the history of the nation’s commitment to religious liberty. In 1790, George Washington visited Touro, and then sent a letter to the congregation pledging America’s commitment to religious liberty.


Even if you don’t have Celiac disease or a wheat allergy, you may be suffering from gluten sensitivity. It is a common ailment with many negative reactions. These include digestive issues, skin disorders such as acne or eczema, inflammation, attention deficit, and even anxiety and depression. Oftentimes, if you stop eating foods with gluten, these negative effects will improve.

Cucumber Rage Leads To Man’s Arrest At Wendy’s

Incensed that there were not enough cucumbers in his salad, a Pennsylvania man allegedly threatened the life of a Wendy’s employee and later sought to drive away from the fast food eatery while a police officer had his arm inside the suspect’s vehicle, according to court records.

American Cancer Society website literally suggests recipes that CAUSE cancer while the rest of us are fighting to prevent and cure it

Pastors praying over President Donald Trump in the Oval Office. (Image: Johnnie Moore's Twitter page/@JohnnieM)Atheists ‘appalled’ by White House Bible study

America’s atheists are losing faith — in President Trump.

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