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Kimberly’s News Picks – 08/23/2017


Netanyahu heads to Russia

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu will fly to Sochi, Russia, on Wednesday morning to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The two leaders will discuss regional issues, especially Iran’s growing influence in Syria. This will be their sixth meeting since September 2015. One of their meetings was held in Paris.

Prior to his departure, Netanyahu held a number of security meetings in order to receive a complete and accurate picture of the situation and how Iran is infiltrating into Syria and filling the gaps ISIS leaves behind. 

Netanyahu to Tell Putin: Russia, U.S. Must Cooperate to Curb Iranian Presence in Syria

Mossad chief to accompany Netanyahu on official visit to Russia

Israelis fail to secure US guarantees on Iranian threat in Syria

Kushner Team Heads to Middle East as Arab Leaders Emphasize ‘No Peace’ Without Palestinian State

As a high-level negotiating team headed by US President Donald Trump’s senior adviser Jared Kushner heads to the Middle East this week, Palestinian and Arab leaders have underlined that they will not consider any solutions that deviate from the 2002 Saudi-backed peace initiative — which calls for the establishment of a Palestinian state alongside Israel, with eastern Jerusalem as its capital.

1-Might this become the conundrum for the deal maker? Will he put a US embassy in East Jerusalem AND in West Jerusalem?

2-Perhaps the deal making won’t go that far, anyway. It may be that Netanyahu will decide to be uncooperative with the next round of peace talks unless Russia and US get Iran off of its Golan border.

Jordan demands Israeli apology, indictment of Israeli guard

The Kingdom of Jordan is insisting that Israel issue a formal, public apology for the shooting deaths of two Jordanian citizens in Amman following a stabbing attack on an Israeli security officer near the Israeli embassy.

Opening Gaza-Egypt Border Will Give Hamas Some Breathing Room, but at a Price

Are the Egyptians planning to bring down the blockade regime that Israel imposed on the Gaza Strip 10 years ago? If the reports of the plan for the continuous opening of the Rafah Crossing on the Egyptian side to both goods and people are confirmed, there won’t be much of a point to Israel’s continuation of the blockade. Residents of Gaza could travel, albeit via a lengthy route through Egypt, to anywhere in the world. Students could pursue their studies, patients could get medical care, if not in Israel then in Egypt, Jordan or Europe. Goods could enter and exit legally and Israel would be left without its crucial Arab partner in maintaining the brutal siege that had made Gaza uninhabitable.

Segregation on Temple Mount: Jew barred from Arab-only fountain

The blatant double standard, which gives Muslims free rein to pray or play on the Mount, has been likened in the past by some Jewish Temple Mount activists to a latter-day form of de facto segregation.

On Tuesday, those claims appeared to be strengthened when police barred Jews from using a public water fountain on the Mount, declaring that its use was for Muslim Arabs only.

East Jerusalem resident arrested carrying knife in light rail station

‘An industry for murdering Jews’

Outside Jerusalem’s Old City, a once-in-a-lifetime find of ancient Greek inscription


If Assad Is “Killing His Own People” Why Are They Rushing Back To Him?

As the Syrian government liberates more territory, more Syrians return to their homes in government-controlled territory. Obviously, if Syrian refugees were fleeing Assad, we would be seeing an increase in refugees.

Christians return after ISIS driven out of Iraq’s Nineveh Plain

New ISIS Threat to Spain: ‘War Has Not Been Fought and Gone’

A pro-ISIS media outlet that had threatened the “disbelievers” of Spain before last week’s attack issued a fresh warning over the weekend that jihad there “has not been fought and gone” and cells remain in Barcelona and beyond.

Mattis: ISIS is on the run

North Korea opens floodgates of dam on the inter-Korean border, causing water levels in the South to rise dangerously

South Korea is evacuating residents who live along the Imjin river.


U.S. Hits Russian, Chinese Entities With Sanctions Over North Korea Ties

The Treasury Department announced Tuesday that the new measures would target 10 entities and six individuals in an effort to further isolate the regime of Kim Jong-Un.

Beijing has already slammed Washington over the new sanctions…

…Demands US immediately withdraw NKorea sanctions, warns will hit ties

Who’s Hacking Our Ships? US Navy Suspects USS McCain Collision Was Caused By Cyber Attack

Protests Turn Unruly after Trump’s Phoenix Speech

“People in the crowd have begun throwing rocks and bottles at police. They also dispersed some gas in the area,” Phoenix police spokesman Jonathan Howard said, adding that officers responded with pepper spray to “disperse the crowd.”

Minor scuffles and shouting matches erupted earlier between protesters and Trump’s supporters on Tuesday with authorities on high alert as thousands of people lined up in the triple-digit heat to attend his first political rally since the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Deadly bombing in Afghanistan day after Trump speech


The Imperial Collapse Clock Ticks Closer To Midnight

The removal of Bannon is the end of even a facade of populism. This is now the Goldman Sachs Presidency with a thin-skinned, unthinking authoritarian as a figurehead. Meanwhile, guess who’s still there in addition to the Goldman executives? Weed obsessed, civil asset forfeiture supporting Jefferson Sessions. The Trump administration just bacame ten times more dangerous than it was before. With the coup successful, Trump no longer needs to be impeached.

Trump Open To Government Shutdown If Border Wall Isn’t Funded

President Donald Trump said he is supportive of shutting down the government if Congress fails to appropriate funds for the border wall during a rally in Phoenix, Ariz., Tuesday.


“Family-Friendly” Islam Comes to Europe

Islam believes in children, but for a different reason that Christians and Jews. To us, children are precious. To Muslims, children are a useful commodity for fighting wars and quietly conquering other nations by population numbers.

The Christian view of children is that they are precious in the sight of God—important in themselves, and not just as fodder for cannons and enemy mines. The Islamic view, by contrast, is a utilitarian one. Children are important because they serve the jihad. Am I saying that every Muslim thinks this way? Of course not. But to observe that many Muslims are able to rise above this limited view of their offspring doesn’t prove anything about Islam, it simply tells us that Muslims are human.

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