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Kimberly’s News Picks – 08/14/2017


Netanyahu: ISIS out, Iran in? We won’t allow it

Israel will not allow Iran and its proxies to take over areas vacated by the Islamic State (ISIS) group, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu made clear on Sunday.

“Today we received a review from the head of the Mossad about the security challenges we face. I will give summarize it on one sentence – ISIS out, Iran in. We are talking mainly about Syria,” Netanyahu said in Ashdod, referring to Mossad Director Yossi Cohen’s assessment that the Iranian regime is expanding its control across the Middle East through proxy forces in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, and Yemen.

PM pushing law to allow war without cabinet OK

Lebanon is an Outpost of Iran

Nasrallah threatens ‘greater defeat’ to Israel in future war


Satellite Images Suggest North Korea Preparing Submarine Ballistic Missile Launch

Netting or tarps suspended over SINPO-class SSBA in the secure boat basin

On Friday afternoon as the market was about to close, we discussed an unconfirmed report that North Korea had issued “emergency standby orders” to its civil defense units, and we said that at the same time, “traders are furiously hitting refresh on the website of for the daily satellite image update of North Korea’s missile launch preparedness, which has yet to hit and which could mean the difference between another sleepy, boring open on Monday and a VIX surging above 20, 30 or more depending on what “path” Kim Jong-Un picks over the next 48 hours.”

South Korean environmentalists protest additional THAAD deployment

Anti-THAAD groups, who said they opposed the system mainly because of concerns about electromagnetic radiation

‘Cuz, you know, the electromagnetic radiation will be worse than the nuclear blast.

North Korea On Standby To Launch At Mainland US 

Japan missile defense deployed

North Korea factories humming with ‘Made in China’ clothes, traders say

Does this mean China has no interest in sanctioning North Korea or trying to stop Kim Jong Un in any way? Uh… Duh!


Possible closure of Russian consulate in US

There are no grounds for speculation about possible closing of a Russian consulate in the United States to redress diplomatic balance, as it was Washington’s deliberate choice not to open a fourth consulate in Russia, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on Sunday.

At Least Three Dead In Charlottesville As Protests Continue

Charlottesville Mayor Mike Signer announced that at least one person died as a result of the vehicle incident, and the Associated Press reported 19 injured. Numerous eyewitnesses alleged to The Daily Caller News Foundation that the vehicle was driven by a member of the white supremacist movement, but the driver’s identity has not yet been confirmed.


Boat full of migrants shocks sunbathers on Spanish beach 

Dozens of people pour out of the craft and scramble ashore, jumping into the shallow waters even before the boat has been pulled up onto the sand.

Hundreds of migrants repelled by police at Spanish border

Aid Groups Suspend Migrant Rescues Over Libyan Threats

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