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Hebzollah Chief: “Kill Every American Soldier in the Middle East”

Link to original article Nasrallah has unwisely expanded his war to “liberate Palestine,” including Jerusalem and the Temple Mount, to include attacks on the American …

World leaders gather in Jerusalem for Auschwitz forum, without Poland

Link to original article … including the Church of St. Anne, the Muslim Noble Sanctuary that houses al-Aqsa mosque, a site revered by Jews as… Read More:

Anti-Semitism in America: When Is It Enough?

Link to original article … the Jewish people and the Jewish connection with the land of Israel — to the point that people claim the… Read More:

PA daily calls for murder during international Holocaust gathering

Link to original article … has launched blood libel campaigns accusing Jews of desecrating the Temple Mount – in order to rile up the masses… Read More: