America’s Changing Of The Guard

Inauguration eve, the evening before President-Elect Donald Trump’s inauguration, was filled with expectancy. Protesters were having their hay day while another celebration, replete with music and fireworks was under way at the Lincoln Memorial. People lined the pool at the National Mall, many wearing “Make America great again” baseball caps and other regalia. It was hard to miss Trump’s message.

Trump led thousands of supporters in chants of “make America great again” as fireworks shot into the sky spelling: “U-S-A” as the Battle Hymn of the Republic rang out. Trump spoke to the audience saying, “There was never an empty seat, like tonight,” he said. “We all knew that last month of the campaign … we knew that something special was happening. “The polls started going up, up, up, but they didn’t want to give us credit. Because they forgot about a lot of us. When the campaign started I called it the forgotten man and forgotten woman. Well, you’re not forgotten any more.” The crowd cheered. Trump promised to bring jobs back, and not let other countries take US jobs any longer, while also rebuilding the military.

Earlier, at a luncheon, Trump shouted out to Republican Congressional leaders saying, “I just want to let the world know we’re doing very well together.”

Promises, promises. Whether Trump keeps or breaks his promises, one thing is clear. He has electrified and polarized America as no President before him ever did. The message of patriotism at the Lincoln Memorial speaks louder than all the music and fireworks. It says ‘I will free the slaves’. ‘I will reunite a broken nation’. 

Trump Inauguration, Free The SalvesIt may be that this is YHVH’s plan: To have a man in the White House who will make it possible for His people – The WHOLE House of Jacob – to begin returning to the land of our inheritance. This time, it may be another ‘Cyrus’ that makes it possible for all of YHVH’s people to return to Jerusalem. We will, at some point, come out of the global Beast system like slaves to end up ruling and reigning as kings and priests with the Messiah. Will this be Trump’s legacy? If so, it means he is America’s last President. If not, we wait.

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