Al-Tabqa: More than 20 IS Fighters were Killed in Combat

According to Inside Syria Media Center sources, 24 ISIS fighters were liquidated in combat with the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) near the city of Al-Tabqa to the north of the country this day.

Kurdish Firat news agency reports fighting is now going on in the Alexandria area where two IS snipers were killed and in the Ayed Al-Sagir area where the Kurds advanced 500 meters to the center of the city.
It should be recalled that ISIS tried to break through the blockade attacking the position of Kurds in the village of Ayes Al-Kabir to the south of the city on Sunday morning.
An assault is supported by U.S.-led coalition’s aircraft. Only April 22, 5 civilians were killed as a result of the uncontrolled air strikes. Earlier, on April 11, a U.S.-led coalition ‘counterterrorism’ strike near of Al-Tabqa accidentally killed 18 members of SDF. U.S. CENTCOM confirmed it.
The U.S. participation in the operation for the liberation of Al-Tabqa, U.S. SOF, never-ceasing air strikes and constant losses of life among civilians cause huge protests of the official Damascus, which has repeatedly stressed the United States operates without the consent of the Syrian authorities. So, their presence in Syria, in fact, looks like intervention.

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