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Watching The Fall Of Mystery Babylon


Manufacturers face 'bloodbath' in Russia, says Renault Nissan boss

The chief executive of Renault Nissan, Carlos Ghosn, has said that manufacturers in Russia are facing a "bloodbath" because of the plunge in the value of the rouble. The currency has been dropping steadily for several months, but suffered very sharp falls earlier this week. The two firms have stopped taking orders for some new models and raised prices on others. Several rival manufacturers have taken similar steps.

IRS warns of possible shutdown

The IRS is considering its own temporary shutdown due to recent budget cuts enacted by Congress, its chief said Thursday. He said a shutdown would mean the IRS would “close the agency for a day, two days, whatever days it would take to close the gap that we can’t otherwise close in a reasonable way.”

North Sea oil industry 'close to collapse'

The UK's oil industry is in "crisis" as prices drop, a senior industry leader has told the BBC. Oil companies and service providers are cutting staff and investment to save money. Robin Allan, chairman of the independent explorers' association Brindex, told the BBC that the industry was "close to collapse". Almost no new projects in the North Sea are profitable with oil below $60 a barrel, he claims. 'Everyone is retreating'. "It's almost impossible to make money at these oil prices", Mr Allan, who is a director of Premier Oil in addition to chairing Brindex, told the BBC. "It's a huge crisis."


U.S. Weighs Response to Sony Cyberattack, With North Korea Confrontation Possible

“This is something that’s being treated as a serious national security matter,” Josh Earnest, the White House press secretary, told reporters. “There is evidence to indicate that we have seen destructive activity with malicious intent that was initiated by a sophisticated actor.” United States officials have privately concluded that North Korea was “centrally involved” in the hacking even as Sony canceled the release of a comedy that features the fictional assassination of the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, and that apparently prompted the cyberattack.

Does this explain Obama's deal with Cuba?

The Russians must be concerned Obama is responding to Moscow’s recent muscle-flexing in Cuba. In July, the London Guardian reported Russia had quietly struck a deal with Cuba to reopen the Lourdes military base, a Soviet-era spy base and military facility that was the USSR’s largest foreign base during the Cold War. The Soviets reportedly used the base to intercept American radio and telephone communications. Some have seen the base’s reopening as largely symbolic, since spy methods now rely more on satellites and technology that can be deployed from anywhere. The Guardian quoted Moscow-based defense analyst Pavel Felgenhauer downplaying the reopening of the base as a “PR move” to show Washington the “middle finger.” Still, he allowed the base could be utilized for corporate espionage, explaining “because when individuals chatter they’re not always so attentive of secure lines.”

Obama at a White House Hanukkah Dinner: I Am ‘Jewish in My Soul’

In an overheard conversation at the recent White House Hanukkah Dinner, it’s been reported that when someone commented on the event saying they didn’t realize President Obama was Jewish, Obama stated in a lighthearted manner while walking away: “I am, in my soul.” In light of that statement, let’s take a short walk down memory lane and review a few of his comments and actions regarding Israel. An Edomite Jew maybe. Jews are those whose hearts are circumcized. They love their inheritance and would not think of giving it to Edomite Palestinians. They want an Altar on Temple Mount and a return to worship of YHVH there. They want Jews to have free and full access to Temple Mount. Thus, from Obama's fruit, it appears that if he is a Jew at heart, it is an uncircumcized, Edomite one.


UN: ‘Virtual stampede’ of states rush to join Arms Trade Treaty

A flurry of activity by UN member states to sign and ratify the global Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) before it enters into force next week is another clear sign of the overwhelming support for this historic move to rein in the irresponsible international arms trade, Amnesty International said. Goes into effect December 24, 2014. Control over your right to bear arms will be governed at the global level now. This is just another way that countries are giving up their sovereignty to the global elite.

German researchers discover a flaw that could let anyone listen to your cell calls

Carriers everywhere must turn over location information and allow eavesdropping of calls when ordered to by government officials in whatever country they are operating in. But the techniques discovered by Nohl and Engel offer the possibility of much broader collection of caller locations and conversations, by anyone with access to SS7 and the required technical skills to send the appropriate queries.

Eight children from same family stabbed to death in Cairns

The grim discovery of the bodies of children aged 18 months to 15 years was reportedly made by their adult brother at their home in Manoora, in the north Queensland city’s west. The mother of seven of the children, 34, is being treated for stab wounds to the chest and police say she is “assisting with enquiries” but declined to confirm she was a suspect.


Ebola deaths reach 6,900 in West Africa; more than 1M could face food shortage by March

The number of Ebola-related deaths has reached an even 6,900 in the three most-affected countries in West Africa, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported Thursday, the same day the U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and a U.S. senator kicked off tours of the devastated region. Nearly half of the fatal cases hit Liberia, with 3,290, although the nation is seeing progress while the viral disease continues to rage in Sierra Leone, which has incurred 2,085 Ebola-related deaths.

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