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'Grexit' fears are casting a shadow over final day of G7 finance meeting

Greece's fate in the euro area continued to cast a shadow over the second and final day of a Group of Seven finance ministers meeting in Dresden Friday with still no sign of a deal in sight. The governor of the Bank of Japan Haruhiko Kuroda -- who is attending the meeting -- warned of the consequences of a possible "Grexit" or Greek exit from the euro. "If for the first time a country leaves the eurozone, then it won't be the same stable monetary union as before," Kuroda told the business daily Handelsblatt.

U.S. Economy’s Ugly First Quarter Is About to Look a Lot Worse

The U.S. economy very likely contracted in the first three months of the year. Friday’s GDP report will show just how ugly things got. The Commerce Department estimated last month that gross domestic product—the broadest sum of goods and services produced across the U.S.–grew at a paltry 0.2% annual pace in the first quarter. But a batch of data since then suggests output was far weaker, and the agency will release a revised estimate Friday at 8:30 a.m. ET. The best guess of economists surveyed by The Wall Street Journal is that GDP fell at a 1% annual pace from January through March. That would mark the third time since the recession ended in mid-2009 that the economy shrank during a quarter.


State Department: U.S. Says No Extension For Iran Nuclear Talks

The United States said it will not agree to extend a deadline set between world powers and Iran over its nuclear programme. US State Department spokesperson Jeff Rathke told reporters in Washington: "We're focused on June 30th and completing the talks by then. We're not contemplating an extension." He added that the US believes that meeting the deadline set for 30 June is achievable.

An Unsettling Report on Iran and North Korea

While Iran and North Korea both were customers of A.Q. Khan, the disgraced mastermind of Pakistan’s nuclear program, an American official told me Thursday that the United States government has seen nothing to suggest Iran is cooperating with North Korea on nuclear weapons. Such cooperation would belie Tehran’s insistence that it is not pursuing a nuclear weapon and would necessarily blow up any nuclear agreement. See more on North Korea's nuclear upgrades under WARS & RUMORS THEREOF.

Netanyahu: Israel, US discussing new security aid package unrelated to Iran deal

Israel is in early discussions with the US about a new 10-year defense assistance program, but this is not “compensation” for the possible signing of a possible nuclear deal with Iran, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Thursday. Netanyahu, during a briefing with Israel’s diplomatic correspondents, did not say how much Israel was requesting. With the current 10-year, $30 billion US defense assistance agreement set to expire in 2017, the two sides are negotiating the terms of a 10-year deal that according to a recent report in Defense News could be worth up to $45b. The prime minister said this package is not a “quid pro quo” for the Iranian nuclear deal, which he said Israel continues to adamantly oppose.

Muslim Scholars: Israel Is ‘Root Cause’ of All Islamic Nations’ Failures

Muslim clerics gathered in Beirut on Wednesday to kick off the Khomeinist International Union of Resistance conference, where “scholars” discussed how to stand up against the “cancerous tumor of Israel,” according to reports from Lebanese and Iranian media outlets. Radical Iranian cleric Mohsen Araki said that destroying Israel and “countering the arrogant world” should be the two main priorities for “resistance clerics,” reports Iran’s state-run Taghrib News.

FBI Asks Police to Help Track Threats by Homegrown Terrorists

The FBI has called upon the New York Police Department and other law enforcement agencies across the country to help track the growing population of Islamic State followers in the United States in an attempt to head off possible attacks on home soil. According to CNN, the FBI is struggling to maintain surveillance on the growing number of homegrown terrorists, acknowledging that it does not have enough resources to monitor their interactions on social media.

Live anthrax found in U.S. military shipment to Australia: source

Live anthrax has been found in a 2008 sample sent to Australia from the same U.S. Army facility identified this week for more recent, mistaken shipments to nine U.S. states and an air base in South Korea, a U.S. defense official said on Friday.


Marco Rubio: Christianity may soon be considered hate speech due to LGBTQ equality activism

“If you think about it, we are at the water’s edge of the argument that mainstream Christian teaching is hate speech,” Rubio said. “Because today we’ve reached the point in our society where if you do not support same-sex marriage you are labeled a homophobe and a hater.”

Pam Geller shouts at CNN for ‘adhering to Sharia’ after host compares Muhammad cartoon to n-word

Anti-Islamic crusader Pam Geller on Thursday accused CNN of obeying Sharia law after host Chris Cuomo pointed out that just because she had the freedom to anger Muslims with cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad, it didn’t make it right.


Woman Calls Cops For Help With Suicidal Boyfriend, Cops Turn Up And Kill Him, Tell her “That’s what we do”

The family claim that a detective with St. Johns County sheriff’s department has since made inflammatory remarks to them about the case, saying that it represents a “new trend in law enforcement now — suicide by cop.”


Mount Shindake Volcano Erupts on Japan's Kuchinoerabu Island; Residents Evacuated

Residents of a small Japanese island were evacuated Friday after the Mount Shindake volcano suddenly erupted, sending a plume of ash into the sky.

7.0 magnitude quake strikes offshore Alaska: USGS

The USGS said the quake's epicenter was 104 km (64 miles) south-southeast of Ugashik and 61.7 km deep. The agency upgraded the temblor to a 7.0 after initially stating it was slightly weaker. The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center said that based on its available data, no tsunami was expected.

Heat Wave Toll Rises to 1826 Across India

In Andhra Pradesh, the toll rose to 1334 today, 314 more than yesterday. The death figure in Telangana today stood at 440 against 340 yesterday. So far, 43 deaths have been reported from Odisha, 7 seven from Gujarat and two from Delhi.


Floodwaters submerged Texas highways and threatened more homes Friday after another round of heavy rain added to the damage inflicted by storms that have killed at least 20 people and left 14 missing.


Ivory Coast confirms H5N1 bird flu outbreak: OIE

Ivory Coast has confirmed an outbreak of highly pathogenic H5N1 bird flu last month among backyard birds in the central town of Bouake, the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) said on Thursday. The outbreak started on April 9 and was confirmed in positive laboratory test results last week, the Paris-based OIE said in a statement, citing information received from the government's veterinary services in Ivory Coast. The outbreak affected 98 out of 138 susceptible birds at the location and caused the death of 93, it said.

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