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Iran Says It Can Boost Oil Output Just Days After Sanctions End

Production can increase by 500,000 barrels a day within a week after sanctions end and by 1 million barrels a day within a month following that, state-run Islamic Republic News Agency reported, citing Zanganeh in an interview with state TV. Sanctions against Iran’s oil industry should be lifted by late November, he said, according to Iran oil ministry’s Shana news agency.

Greece Begins Talks For Third Bailout Of €85bn

Greece has begun negotiations to secure a third bailout worth €85bn (£60bn) from creditors - even though the International Monetary Fund has warned it will be unable to help until key economic reforms are made.

Puerto Rico defaults on debt payment

Puerto Rico defaulted Saturday, missing a $58 million debt payment on Public Finance Corporation bonds. Victor Suarez, the governor's chief of staff, said Friday the island only has enough money to operate until November if nothing is done to increase cash flow, Reuters reports.

Big Chunk Of JP Morgan’s Gold Holdings Withdrawn In One Day

In just one day, a big chunk of JP Morgan’s gold was withdrawn from the COMEX. It’s been a while since we have seen such a large single withdrawal. According to the CME Group’s Friday Warehouse Depository gold stocks, a whopping 200,752 ounces of gold were removed from JP Morgan’s Eligible category.


The looming August battle for the Iran nuclear deal

Struggle to save Vienna agreement from a congressional mauling pits the Obama administration against the Republicans, the Israeli government and a billionaire. On Monday, almost every freshman member of the US Congress will jet off on an all-expenses paid trip to Israel for a week of briefings and lobbying intended to ensure they vote against the Iran nuclear deal agreed on 14 July.

Netanyahu to Address American Jewish Groups Over Iran Deal

Netanyahu, a strident opponent of the agreement, will make a web address Tuesday that will be available on computers, on mobile phones and in synagogues across America, according to organizers representing more than 100 Jewish groups.

Navy to Charge Officer Who Fired on Islamist During Chattanooga Terror Attack

A report at The Navy Times in July confirmed that one of the Marines shot during the Chattanooga terrorist attack exchanged fire with the terrorist. Navy Lt. Cmdr Timothy White also shot back at the terrorist. But rather than being celebrated as a hero, Lt. Commander White may be charged for discharging a firearm on federal property.

With Jade Helm 15 underway, all quiet on the Bastrop front ...kinda

After the U.S. Army military training exercise dubbed Jade Helm kicked off in Bastrop, Texas, despite conspiracy theories and media hype, citizens of Bastrop reported — well, nothing out of the ordinary. Really? You don't think having tanks and other military gear suddenly sitting around is not out of the ordinary? Do you think there is no reason for Obama to put these items there, Mr. Adams? They're just there? Think, Matthew, think!


Yazidi boy, four, is forced to join ISIS terror camp to learn Sharia Law, the Koran and given sword to behead his own MOTHER

A Yazidi mother has told how her four-year-old son was taken from her to join an ISIS terror training camp where he was forced to learn passages from the Koran, Sharia Law and even given a sword and taught how to behead his own mother. Bohar – not her real name - could do little but watch as her young son was handed a sword by their captors, who told him 'this is to kill your mother'. Later, he revealed they were training him to chop people's heads off, shoot guns and hate his own people, at an age when most children around the world are just learning to read.

Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport ticketing area temporarily evacuated after bag tests positive for explosives

A Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport ticketing area reopened Saturday after being evacuated for about two hours when an unattended bag tested positive for explosives.


Wildfires rage across swathes of California

Wildfires burned out of control across swathes of parched California, forcing residents to hastily evacuate and shutting miles of highway after claiming the life of a firefighter. There had been "thousands" of lightning strikes since Thursday night, California fire chiefs said, sparking several hundred small wildfires. At least 23 large fires were burning menacingly across California but many were clustered in the north of the bone-dry US state, which is in the crippling throes of a historic drought. About 9,000 firefighters backed by helicopters and air tankers were battling the blazes.

Scientists fear toxic algae bloom spreading on Pacific coast

The toxic algae blooms in the Pacific Ocean stretching from southern California to Alaska — already the largest ever recorded — appear to have reached as far as the Aleutian Islands, scientists say. “The anecdotal evidence suggests we’re having a major event,” said Bruce Wright, a scientist with the Aleutian Pribilof Island Association, the federally recognized tribal organization of Alaska’s native Aleuts. “All the populations [of marine mammals] are way down in the Aleutians.”


North Carolina pushing bill to eliminate free speech, prohibit sharing of nutritional information for sick children

The same folks in North Carolina that tried to sue blogger Steve Cooksey simply for sharing information online about how to treat diabetes naturally are now going after all speech related to health and nutrition. The North Carolina Board of Dietetics/Nutrition (NCBDN) has launched an all-out assault against free speech with its antithetically named "Modernize Dietetics/Nutrition Practice Act," or House Bill 796, which would make it a crime to share health advice or food strategies with non-family members who are suffering from health conditions. "In essence, HB 796 will prevent anyone from communicating dietary advice to a non-family member who has a medical condition," writes Robb Wolf, author of The Paleo Solution, on his blog.

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