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The Currys celebrated the end of the Warriors parade at this legendary Oakland spot

Klay Thompson just wanted a sandwich at the end of Tuesday’s Warriors parade. But the Currys had something else in mind: tacos. The Curry family — Stephen, Ayesha and daughters Riley and Ryan, plus both Stephen and Ayesha’s parents — hit up the legendary Oakland taco truck Tacos Sinaloa after the conclusion of the parade. “It’s lit. Let’s do this,” Ayesha said in an Instagram story she posted at the truck. “This is the real deal right here. This truck is awesome,” you can hear a member of the Curry crew saying in the background. Depending on where your taco allegiance lies, Tacos Sinaloa is…

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Jerusalem Report – 06/08/2018 – Iran, Israel – War Rhetoric

There may be a lull in the missile lobbing, but both sides of the Mideast conflict – Iran and Israel – are taking this time… Read More:

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Jerusalem Report – 06/01/2018 – Iran Talking or Stalling?

The report of the indirect talks were said to have been conducted last weekend between Iran’s ambassador to Jordan, who was in one hotel room… Read More:

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